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About the Artist

David Gomez-Blaya

David Gomez-Blaya

About me
I do artistic ceramic objects for functional use. I shape every piece individually, using the potter wheel and painting the decoration on greenware by hand with brushes ( I use neither stickers, nor other processes of ceramic printing as the silk-screen printing ). mouse over for more

Pottery is a challenge that requires a high technical mastery, but at the same time the clay has an inherent quality that allows great spontaneity in handling. During the creative process, when this material comes in contact with the creator opens the door to the universal energy flow, which inevitably acts on the final result. This creative work involves direct interaction of humans with the basic forces of nature to produce a unique and unforgettable expression on each occasion. Like the Greek Exequias, which matched the dignity of the amphorae maker to distinguished decorators of vessels, I lathe and decorate the pots in the same process with the same intention, and always guided by the significance of each action even if this is the most insignificant one and routinary.


Paint, pottery