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About the Artist

Merc Stanley

Merc Stanley

About me
My name is Merc. Ive been on the torch since 1999. I love glass and our culture. I chose American art pipe as my medium because of it's many options of expression and techniques. For hundreds of years people have embraced pipes in many different cultures and have regarded them as sacred objects used in ceremonies or for everyday use of tobacco, but still valued by their owner no less. I create pieces with hopes that the viewer is brought to a different perception of a pipe rather than function alone. Threw piping I have found victories, failure, friends, pain,... mouse over for more

I've remained hidden over the years but recently decided to share my collected works to the public. I'm slowly putting pieces up both recent and past and have been enjoying interacting with all of you. Allot has changed since I started including the way I was taught. Through perseverance and some help from a few friends{ Whodanish, Salt, Dankstar,Crite,Robone..ect} and lots of inspiration, I feel that I have achieved an understanding of boro. I'm thankful for glass as well the workers of it. To all who view pipers please understand the risks and sacrifices it takes to pursue our dreams. Know the history of this craft if your just getting started and it will take you to great destinations!!! Thankx to all who support and a special thankx to my wife and children as well as my friends Salt, Freeek, Cowboy and Beth, Revin Evolution and Hill.Without them I would have lost the dream along time ago! I'm inspired by all of you as well as everything. Peace Merc


art, glassblowing

My work

Fucka You Wabbit
Fucka You Wabbit
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