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Jitendra Patel

About me
with keen interest products of clay created by village potters in my neighborhood. I would be fascinated by any spoiled pot and its distortion. I would use that clay to create some thing out of it. At the age of ten what interested me most was birds, cows and other animals. I would create them out of my imagination. This is how my lone journey to evolve into a sculptor began. These first few memories are still fresh in my mind. Later after completing my studies I took up a job of a teacher in the city of Surat and it gave me joy to impart knowledge to young minds. Simultaneously I took interest in architecture and perspective drawing. However, the conformist architecture could not hold my interest for long. I began to feel that it was restrictive and allowed very limited space for expressing my creativity. So after twenty years I abandoned that field to begin my own quest. I did realistic sculptures, murals and drawings and then graduated to semi-realistic forms. But still my inner artist was not satisfied so I began to create abstract forms using nature and human emotions. Finally I found my own technique to create sculptors using different materials. Currently my interest is in using fibreglass, cement or wood along with steel and glass. I call these forms "techno-sculpture" since they are sculpted by my own special technique. Each form has its own rhythm and layers just as human beings and nature has. Now that I have retired from my job I have more time on my hand to experiment and explore, go deeper into the depth of my heart where there is a vast raw materia

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